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Thank you for visiting! My name is Paul, and these are my creations. Everything you see on this website was designed and printed by myself, made right here in Star-Lord's home state. I began learning graphic design on my parents Mac Classic II in 1993! Since then, I have achieved a degree in Graphic Communications, and spent 20 years in the printing industry. In 2005 my passion for design, printing and building bricks all merged together to launch 'engineerio.' I use the highest quality parts, and print with a UV printer. I run small batches of each figure so you may see a lot of 'out of stock' items, but do not despair! I try to remake items that are on the website, if it is hidden then the chances are low that I will make it again. Please use the notification button for restocks. The FB link below is where I keep a complete picture catalog of all my creations, look under 'media' and 'albums.' Please feel free to send a comment, new character suggestion, or remake suggestion in the form below. Thank you!


PO Box 102

Fair Grove, MO 65648

Instagram: #engineeriocustoms