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Posted by Paul Haak on

Welcome to engineerio.net. I am so glad you have found my new store. Im very excited to use this platform as a way to increase the number of items available for purchase. As always, Im happy to consider reprints of past designs. My latest total is over 1000 original designs! You can see them all on my Facebook group. "Engineerio's customs". Select media and albums to see pictures of every figure design Ive done.

I recently went 'live' on instagram for the first time. I am hoping to do that more often. I set up the phone and recorded me designing some AoA Marvel characters which are now up for sale. That was a pretty fun experience, however its tough trying to design and wanting to chat with the people.

Please share the new store link with others, spread the word so that engineerio.net can be sustainable and keep putting out new creations. Thanks again!



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