March feels like Spring fever

Posted by Paul Haak on

I think this is false Spring #2, starting to want to get out in the garden! Thanks again for all your support with the website this year. It's been a real blessing to continue to work at home and be with my growing family. 

A frequent question that comes up is, "Will the out of stock figures be restocked?" Thats a good question. I try to focus on a couple new figures each week, and also a few restocks of past designs that are being mentioned by customers. I'm happy to add figures to the restock list, and I do when they are mentioned in comments from customers like you. So feel free to mention ones you'd like to get. 

Of course there are many factors in restocking figures: time, and availability of parts. Some figures have rare parts, specifically made by "L" brand that are hard to find. This limits reprints. Also, you may have noticed, when a part like an accessory or hat is out of circulation from "L" brand, I may get a knock off version. I wont do that for body parts though. I will make notes of that in the item description. Thanks, and alway happy to hear ideas for new characters, and ones to be printed again. 


  • Good afternoon!

    My son really appreciates the figures available on your website. He is very interested in a Marvel Blob figure. Please consider restocking this item.

    Lego Mom on

  • Hi! Your figures are amazing! Would you be able to put Depa and ima-guna on your restock list if they aren’t already?


    Levid on

  • Hi Paul, thanks for the update. Loving the quality of your figs so I’ll always be a repeat customer. I’m keen for any and all X-Men related minifigures, especially ones that you have previously printed.

    Sean on

  • First, I’d like to suggest implementing a feature on your site to notify people when an item is in stock. I don’t know if that’s possible with how you’ve set everything up but Firestartoys has it and it’s great. The following are some restocks I’d love to see. Thank you!
    Prince Xizor
    Dash Rendar
    Black Sun Syndicate Soldier
    Senya Tirall
    Jolee Bindo
    Fenn Pilot
    Bultar Swan
    Warriors 3

    Dennis Smith on

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