August Update

Posted by Paul Haak on

Thank you for your patience sticking with this slower production time. Ive been restocking and not making much new items, mostly because of lack of sleep and high demand for older items. We had our baby boy on the 11th! Everyone is doing great. 

Also, please notice that I put a description at the bottom of each ad. I put notes in there when pieces are not 'popular brand', or things are painted, or something like a weapon is not exactly like whats shown in the picture. Ive been making customs for 5 years now and its getting tougher to keep finding the same parts. Hope you understand. 

Thanks again for the support with the website! When I peruse the inventory I get a bit frustrated with all the 'out of stock' items, which I can imagine you are too. But it is a reminder that things are selling and its tough to keep up! Which is a good problem to have. Hope to get some new stuff going in the next few weeks. 

Thanks everyone.


  • and congratulations!

    matt on

  • thank you !

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